1993 :

The creation of Guangdong Yongxing Aluminum Co. Ltd.

1999 :

The establishment of Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co. Ltd.

2003 :

The National Association of the Ministry of construction engineering construction engineering construction standard awarded "excellent products"

2003 :

successfully registered trademark

2003 :

Chinese was assessed as excellent quality of service assured brand reputation

2004 :

The establishment of Guangdong Golden aluminum ladder Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

2005 :

The establishment of Guangdong Golden aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall Co Ltd

2007 :

By the Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology as a "private technology enterprises in Guangdong province"

2008 :

Won the "Guangdong Province famous brand product" title

2008 :

Through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification

2010 :

Won the "Guangdong Province famous trademark".

2011 :

"Zhongguo Chiming Shangbiao" title

2011 :

"CQC Chinese energy-saving product certification certificate"

2011 :

Through the "clean production enterprises at the provincial level"

2012 :

Get Foshan Nanhai "brand enterprise" title

2013 :

Won the national high-tech enterprises

2014 :

"China aluminum processing," hundred private enterprises "Chinese industrial aluminum twenty" title

2014 :

Won the "Guangdong Province employer demonstration enterprise" title

2014 :

Won the "Guangdong Province manufacturing industry 500 strong", "Guangdong Province real estate benchmarking enterprise" honorary title.

2014 :

Won the "quality award" title four City Hall.

2015 :

Won the "2015 Chinese top 500 real estate development enterprises preferred supplier brand" title.


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