nnovation Process

Manufacturing profiles

Performance Index

Product structure:

1. Wood grain thermal transfer printing

Rich color and abundant texture

2. Surface and powder enhancement

To enhance the surface gloss

3. Hand-fee and shaping

Shaping the effects of wood grains

4. Base powders

General film thickness: 40-60µm

5. Blank

To ensure product shape and extruded from aluminum alloy molds

Product property:

Zhenfan products fully comply with national standards in terms of chemical components, size deviation, mechanical property, wall thickness, coating property and the shearing resistance of thermal insulation profiles, etc.


Impact resistance: no cracking or peeling after impact and having excellent film flexibility


Weathering resistance: durability under bad weather and resistance from ozone corrosion with weathering resistance for more than ten years


Adhesion:above level 0


Coating thickness: thickness ≧60µm


Impression hardness: ≧80


Vividness:strong sense of wood quality


Salt fog resistance:no rust spots, cracking or bubbling on surface

Product advantages


Advantages in appearance

Zhenfan Italian ultra-sense wood grain profile features exquisite appearance, rich wood grain patterns, vivid wood effect, and no fading and creates good visual effect that can satisfy the expectation of people for original ecology, return to the nature and harmonious development of human beings and the nature.


Advantages inutility

Zhenfan Italian ultra-sense wood grain profile features wide application that it can be applied in various occasions indoor and outdoor and has no fading or cracking. It has incomparable and practical advantages in terms of weathering resistance, wearing resistance, fire-proof, adhesion and material strength as compared with other architectural profiles


Advantages in prices

As Zhenfan Italian ultra-sense wood grain profile has advantages in both appearance and utility, and it can last for more than 15 years. It is easy to replace and maintain with favorable price. And it has more than 35% recycling value. It has obvious comprehensive cost advantages


Advantages in environment protection

Zhenfan Italian ultra-sense wood grain profile use all materials that comply with the standards for health and environment protection, causing no effects to the nature and the physical health. It is a kind of low-carbon, energy conserving and green profile for construction and decoration and a good replacement for rare wood.


Advantages in technology

Zhenfan Italian ultra-sense wood grain profile has better absorptivity, batter durability and larger coloring area as compared with similar products. With special patented technologies, it can process the surface of large materials (up to 6-meter standard profile specified in the national standards) as well as small products of different sizes with curve surfaces and irregular surfaces


Advantages in performance

Zhenfan Italian ultra-sense wood grain profile features vivid and abundant texture, high definition and preferential price, and high cost performance. It can be recycled for re-use. And it can be applied to all kinds of profiles for doors and windows, curtain walls and indoor and outdoor decorations.

Comparison of Zhenfan Italian Ultra-sense Wood Grain Profile and Traditional Original Wood Grain Profiles:

Zhenfan Italian Ultra-sense Wood Grain Profile Artificial Wood Grain Profile
Technology Characteristics Grain brushing after coating of high quality powders Thermal transfer printing after coating of high quality powders
Surface effect Sense of stereoscopic irregular surface Smooth and no stereoscopic senses
Weathering resistance Excellent Ordinary
Coating Stable and even coating, three times of powder coating One time powder coating and one time transfer printing
Wearing resistance Three layers of coating, level two wearing resistance and strong wearing resistance Single layer coating, and easy wearing resistance
Surface texture Rich texture, vivid sense of quality and excellent hand-feel Good texture effects

Performance Comparison Table of Wood Grain Thermo-osmosis and Top Grade Natural Solid Wood:

Practical performance Wood Grain Thermo-osmosis Top Grade Natural Solid Wood
Pattern Various patterns Only a few patterns
Color consistence Uniform and bright colors Large color difference
Corrosion resistance Excellent, free from corrosion of bad weather Easily blackening
Acid and alkali resistance Excellent Easily color changing
Weathering resistance Excellent, standing for more than 10 years Easily color changing, not easily maintained
Maintenance Easy to clean the dirt, no mildew Easy adhesion, not easy to clean, easily getting mildew
Machinability Solid, durable and compression resistant Extremely high requirements for pretreatment and processing equipment
Affordability High cost performance Low cost performance
Weathering resistance Excellent Easily color changing


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