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Guangdong Yongxing Aluminum Profile Factory Co., Ltd was established in 1985 with an area of more than 120,000 square meters and a total investment of RMB 200 million. At present, the Company has more than 1,000 employees including 60 employees in modern management and over 30 senior technicians. The Company has domestic and international advanced aluminum profile production lines, and is equipped with large production equipment covering casting, mold, extrusion, oxidation, electrophoresis, powder painting, fluorine carbon painting, polishing, wood grain, and bench drawing, especially the most advanced wood grain surface treatment production equipment that has been introduced abroad and can produce various wood grain products including normal thermal transfer printing wood grains, thermal transfer printing wood grains, solid wood shaving wood grains, 3D hand-fee wood grains, crystal wood grains, ancient wood grains. The Company has become the first one-stop top end wood grain manufacturer that provides one-stop high-end wood grain product service for customers from incoming raw materials aluminum ingot to casting, extrusion, surface treatment and then top-end “Zhenfan” wood grain products.

The Company has introduced advanced management modes from foreign large aluminum manufacturers, and relying on the high quality talents, advanced equipment and testing instrument as well as the perfectly efficient management mechanism, the product quality has been strictly controlled in every procedure from raw materials to finished products and been constantly improved. Since the establishment of the Company, the product quality has been gradually improved. “Zhenfan” aluminum profile is manufactured in strict accordance with GB5237-2008 high precision standards, and was entitled “Recommended Product for Engineering Projects” by the Standardization Institute of Chinese Construction of the Ministry of Construction and entitled“Reliable and Reputable Brand with High Quality in China” by China Association for Technical Supervision Information.

The products of the Company are mainly architectural aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles, and the annual capacity can reach up to more than 50,000 tons. And meanwhile, the Company has set up a research and development department for aluminum doors and windows, as well as aluminum curtain walls that can develop “Zhenfan” series windows, doors and large curtain walls and produce and process all kinds of highly air-sealed, high strength and anti-seep sliding windows, side-hung windows, heat insulation, bridge cut-off doors and windows and other patented products according to the requirements in different regions.The industrial aluminum profile can be used for all kinds of automobile functional panels, radiators, wall units, electrician ladders, vessels, compartments, lighting decorations, sanitary ware and sports ware. The products are sold all over the country and exported to more than fifty countries and regions such as Australia, Canada, U.S., Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and Africa. The Company has independent rights of import and export and has perfect marketing system and high quality marketing personnel so that the product reputation and market coverage are expanding with sales increasing steadily.

The Company is operating based on sustainability, shares its results, orients on the market, adopts scientific management measures to fully develop and rationally utilize resources to make constantly improvements and satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign customers with high quality products and improved facilities. In the tides of market economy, “Zhenfan” will always, whole-heartedly and conscientiously keep exploring and innovating to improve the products for better quality, higher standards and higher requirements. Let’s cooperate closely for a bright future together.

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